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THE CRAFTSMANSHIP BEHIND THE DETAIL WIXSON'S meticulously curated details and thoughtful attention to ethereal textures and vintage silhouettes suggests a poetic affection for the past, but is intrinsically modern.
INSPIRATION WIXSON'S meticulously curated details and thoughtful attention to ethereal textures and vintage silhouettes suggests a poetic affection for the past, but is intrinsically modern. Inspirations stem from an old world heritage and untold stories. Garments are crafted using the highest quality materials, paired with traditional mills and artisans the world over. Lace from Caudry and Calais, extraordinarily rare vicuña from the Andes, Italian spun cashmere from Central Asia, ultra-fine cotton from Austria and Italy, pre-eminent French silks, and tiny mother-of-pearl buttons, a brand signature. This unrelenting dedication to quality is paramount to WIXSON’s raison d’être.
VICUÑA One of only two remaining wild camelids native to South America, the graceful vicuña lives in the high alpine regions of the Andes 4,000 meters above sea level. The national animal of Peru possesses a coat containing the world's finest, warmest and most delicate fiber. Vicuñas produce very limited amounts of the most luxurious wool, which, through an ancient Incan practice, can only be gathered after a three-year growth maturation period. In addition to the scarcity of the fiber, Vicuñas remain non-domesticated with stringent laws to ensure the protection of this wild regal creature which further make natural Vicuña fibers some of the most exclusive in the world. The timid untamed Vicuña is that of legendary folklore, dating back to the Ancient Inca civilization that believed beautiful young maidens were reincarnated as Vicuñas with coats of pure gold, referred to the Golden Fleece as "the fiber of the gods". For this reason, the Inca protected this majestic animal and reserved the use of its fleece exclusively for royalty.
SILK One of the oldest fibers, Silk has an illustrious and storied history. Legend foretold a Chinese Empress Hsi Ling-Shi accidentally discovered the fiber during a tea ceremony under a Mulberry tree. When a cocoon fell and unraveled in her cup the Empress became enraptured in the silk fiber's beauty. Originally reserved for Chinese Royalty, silk spread throughout Chinese culture, and the increasing demand beyond China for this exotic fabric gave way to a lucrative 4,000 miles long trade route now unanimously referred to as the Silk Road. By the 13th Century the Italians garnered pre-eminent domination in the silk trade and later in the 17th century, France was contesting Italy's position, a competition that continues to push the quality higher to this day. Adhering to Medieval Europe which believed silk is the fabric of Nobility, WIXSON procures its silk from the most storied French and Italian mills.
CASHMERE Born of Italian spinners in Ancient Rome and later a mainstay with European aristocracy, cashmere is the refinement of sublime softness and elegance. WIXSON cashmere upholds tradition; the fibers are manually sorted, cleaned and exclusively hand spun by specialized Italian craftspersons, who hand-select raw fibers from Montefeltro, Italy. This enchanted region was the gateway between Europe and Mediterranean during ancient times, and the traditions haven't changed. The wellbeing and happiness of the goats is still believed to contribute to the fine quality of their hair. WIXSON curates its yarn suppliers both on the heritage of generations-old family businesses and origin and quality of the raw materials. Sophistication and versatility give a distinguishably thin yet warm quality to this infinitely layerable fiber. WIXSON cashmere is the epitome of timeless luxury.
LACE Dentelle de Calais-Caudry is the most delicate and meticulously created lace. It is a trademark label designation created in 1958 by La Fédération Française Des Dentelles Et Broderis exclusively reserved for rare and precious lace made on Leavers looms by master lacemakers of Calais and Caudry. The label is an excellence guarantee that the Leavers loom product is compliant with a unique 200-year-tradition of thread intertwining. Leavers looms still utilize hand-wound bobbins, they are no longer in production and cannot be exported, thus Leavers lace – universally regarded as the highest quality lace in the world – is exclusively produced in Calais and Caudry on looms that are as old as 150 years. Upholding traditional values, WIXSON sources Calais-Caudry lace to elevate the creation of its refined offerings.
SEA ISLAND COTTON Sea Island cotton is a rare strain of cotton plant that produces the longest, and finest cotton fiber in the world. In the world of cotton it is a race of length, the longer the fiber the higher the softness and the more durable the tensile strength. Dating back some 2,000 years, Amerindians were some of the first ancient civilizations to have grown cotton in what is now Peru. By 1000 BCE, Peruvian cotton was indistinguishable from other cotton plants, and cotton became a plantation crop in the West Indies. However, it wasn't until early 17th century that the Western world became acquainted with Sea Island cotton. It later cemented the distinction as the "Royal Cotton" amongst the English aristocracy when Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, enamored by the gifts bestowed upon them by merchant adventurers, commanded to have their respective négligé and handkerchiefs made exclusively of West Indian Sea Island cotton. Remaining the rarest type of cotton, it is often compared with silk and makes up less than 1% of the world’s cotton supplies. WIXSON’s Sea Island cotton is highly coveted as one of the world’s most luxurious materials.